Methodology & Calculator

We give you different options to offset your annual carbon emissions. The offset packages we offer are based on the table below which shows tonnes of emissions per year based on your lifestyle. For example, the table shows that if you have an average carbon lifestyle then typically your total emissions are 11 tonnes per year and the emissions of your flights represent 2 tonnes per year. Offset your emissions now!

Individual offsets  

This option allows for you to select the exact amount of offsets you want to purchase. You can use the table above as a guide but you may want to use another way to calculate your emissions. For example, you can calculate your carbon footprint using the following independent calculators:

  • Flights - Calculate the emissions of your flights using this tool developed by the United Nations
  • Various - Detailed calculator from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (imperial system). You can even download the calculator in Excel format. 

Offset your emissions now!

*Please note that calculating your carbon emissions is not an exact science but the table provides suggested tonnes of carbon produced for various lifestyles that can be offset.