LOVED by all the women who use it!

With less bundles of wood needed, trees and forests have been protected, and women can use these saved hours of time from collecting wood to now set up small businesses, spend more time on their farming or join local women's groups.

The fuel-efficient cookstoves are safer too as they produce less smoke and there has been a significant reduction in burns too. Here are some of the stories from those benefiting.


Meet Esther. She has two children and has to buy firewood as it is very scarce where she lives. She grows groundnuts and would use most of the money she made to buy firewood. Each week, Esther used to spend 9,000MK but since having her fuel-efficient cookstove, only needs to spend 3,000MK. She is very happy and is using the money she saves for food and to pay into the school development fund.


Luce is 33 and cooks for her six children and her husband. She loves her cookstove as the time she saves not having to collect so much firewood, she has been able to increase her fish selling business. As a result, she has doubled her profit and can now pay school fees for her children. Luce is saving money with the village bank too.


Margert Phiri is a mother of five. By having a fuel-efficient cookstove, she saves time so is able to develop her business. She said, "I used to collect firewood three times a week but I now only need to go once. This means I have been able to open my grocery shop for more hours so I have more customers and can earn more money."


Valentina loves her cookstove. It cooks faster and it saves her money. She said, "On the traditional three stone fire I would spend about 4,000MK a week on firewood. Now I only spend 1,400MK. With the money that I am saving, I have been able to rent some farmland so that I can grow groundnuts and maize to sell." Valentina lives with her husband and their three children.


Joyce and her granddaughter Chimwemwe love cooking together but at the age of 77, Joyce no longer collects the firewood for cooking but relies on her 14-year-old granddaughter to do this for her. She said, "I love my cookstove as it saves my granddaughter time because she doesn't go to collect firewood as frequently." As the fuel-efficient cookstoves can cook two things at once, they save even more time and they are also safer as there is less risk of burns and smoke inhalation.


Lydia cares for eight children including her grandson James. James spoke with Oswald, one of our fuel-efficient cookstove managers. He said, "I love that my grandma has a Changu Changu Moto. I am seven years old and have epilepsy. I fell in to a traditional three stone fire when I had a fit. I now have burns over my body."

His grandmother continued, "Our neighbours didn't understand why it was so important to have a fuel-efficient cookstove. It doesn't just save time collecting wood but the fire is contained and the pots stable. Sadly it took this accident for my neighbours to understand how important they are. I have been using my cookstove for three years. This (James' accident) is why I will never cook on a traditional three-stone fire again."
Our offsets help you and families in Malawi

It is a team effort. You want to play your part to address climate change. We work with 40,000 households in Malawi who each have a fuel-efficient cookstove. There is a benefit to you, the planet and their lives also. The Changu Changu Moto means less risk of burns and smoke inhalation, less wood used and time saved collective firewood, and faster cooking as two things can be cooked at once.

Each fuel-efficient cookstove reduces household wood use from three bundles of wood per week to just one.