80,000 bundles of wood saved every week

Most people in Africa cook on a three-stone cooking fire which typically uses three large bundles of firewood per week and is a cause of the devastating deforestation in much of Africa. We have developed a simple fuel efficient cookstove called a Changu Changu Moto (Fast Fast Fire) locally. This cookstove is made out of mud bricks and mud, and the householder is taught how to make it and maintain it. This cookstove saves two bundles of wood per week. So far, we have provided 40,000 households with this simple technology helping save 80,000 bundles per week helping tackle deforestation.

Not only does the Changu Changu Moto save a lot of wood, but it also improves the health of women and children. Our stove produces less smoke and reduces injuries from burns. According to the World Health Organisation close to four million people die prematurely each year from illness attributable to smoke inhalation from inefficient cooking methods. Because the fire is contained in the Changu Changu Moto, it greatly reduces the risk of burns for children.

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The stove also saves time and money because it has a double burner and women can save up to 10 hours each week collecting firewood. This frees up time which women can spend on other activities. 

Fuel Efficient Clean Cookstove

Where does the money go?

By purchasing our carbon offsets, you not only support our cookstove project and reduce emissions but other Ripple Africa activities are also supported including fish conservation, tree planting, education and health programs. Read more on our other programs on our main website

Our cookstove project addresses the following Sustainable Development Goals: