Offset a LOW Carbon Lifestyle


Carbon offsetting is a way to compensate for carbon emissions that you can’t reduce by funding carbon saving projects elsewhere.

You have determined that you have a LOW carbon lifestyle of approximately 5 tonnes annually. This package allows you to offset all your emissions or select individual areas.

We've simplified the process for Individual Carbon Offsets by creating 3 packages based on a low, average and high carbon lifestyle. Offset your annual carbon emissions using the table below. 

One Carbon Offset = One tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Ripple Africa Carbon Offsetting Table for Individuals

*Please note that calculating your carbon emissions is not an exact science.  The table provides suggested tonnes of carbon produced for various lifestyles that can be offset. 

If you would like a more accurate calculation of your carbon footprint, you can consult independent calculators (including the two below). 

  • Flights - Calculate the emissions of your flights using this tool developed by the United Nations
  • Various - Detailed calculator from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (imperial system). You can even download the calculator in Excel format. 

Once we receive your order, we will request the United Nations to cancel the offsets and issue your certificate. 

The UN will then forward a Cancellation Certificate which we will forward to you. It may take a few days for the UN to cancel your offsets.

When the UN cancels your offsets, they also create a public record of this cancellation on their website. You can use the certificate in combination with this public entry as proof that you have offset your emissions.

Example of the United Nations certificate: 

UNFCCC certified project

About the Fuel-efficient Cookstove Project

We have helped build 40,000 Changu Changu Moto fuel-efficient cookstoves to replace their inefficient and dangerous three stone fires. Each cookstove saves two bundles of wood per week – that is 80,000 bundles of wood saved every week.

  • Safer – less risk of burns and smoke inhalation
  • Saves trees – reduces wood used for cooking by using only one third of the firewood
  • Saves time and money – saves time collecting wood or saves money buying wood
  • Faster cooking – two things can be cooked at the same time on the two burners
  • Easy and cheap to build – uses free local materials and takes one hour to build
  • Local people love their Changu Changu Moto 

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